3 Most likely players for the Mavericks to trade before training camp

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1. JaVale McGee

JaVale McGee's second stint with the Mavs didn't go well, and he is the most likely of these three players to not be on the roster when training camp rolls around.

It's already been reported that Dallas is open to waiving McGee if they can't find a trade partner, and the only way I see him getting moved is as a salary filler in a trade.

The Mavericks signed McGee to a three-year contract last summer and promised him the starting center spot before he played a single game. McGee ended up losing his starting spot quickly, and he was playing poorly. He quickly fell out of the rotation and played a career-low 8.5 minutes per game.

That was not expected of McGee, as fans were excited for his return after a promising season with the Phoenix Suns. He didn't live up to any of the hype and has seemed to become nearly immovable at this point (unless used as a salary filler as previously discussed).

McGee's second stint in Dallas was as forgettable as they come, and the Mavs are likely regretting paying him last summer.

Which of these three players will be traded this summer?

We'll have you covered with the answer to that question and more, so stay tuned.