Mavericks star Kyrie Irving makes must-hear statement on mental health

 Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving
Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks' newest star player, Kyrie Irving, has a history of being in the news. And while some of his actions have warranted the NBA stepping in, too much of his past has been unfairly judged by fans and outsiders.

Kyrie Irving, who just signed an extension this summer to be in Dallas for at least two more years, and in the little time he has been with the team and in the city, he has done nothing but open up about himself and show that all of the narratives are just narratives, they aren't real.

Mavericks star Kyrie Irving makes must-hear statement on mental health

Irving has already beaten the "bad teammate" narrative since being in Dallas, as he spent an entire afternoon on Twitch live streaming some of his teammate's highlights. He literally mentioned how jealous of Luka Doncic he was, but "in a healthy way" because of the skill level Doncic had.

His latest actions will only make you respect him even more as he tears down another narrative that could be created about him.

Irving was recently seen playing in a Pro-Am game at an event called More Than A Run. Sure, he dropped 42 points in the run and had an amazing lob dunk.

Yes, you read that right.

Kyrie Irving finished a play with a beautiful dunk off a lob, and did a lot of other cool things. However, the best thing he did, was what he said after.

"Please don't suffer in silence," Irving told the crowd. "You don't want to suffer in silence. It's not worth it. This is a memo to all young kids. Please take care of your mental health."

After hearing that, I'd be surprised if he didn't become one of your favorite players.

Mental health is huge, and a lot of people don't talk about it enough. Kids often see these athletes and think they are immortal and can't deal with mental stress; however, when they hear these superstars talk about it, it opens up everything.

This was a huge thing for Irving to do.