Jordan Hawkins 2023 NBA Draft profile: Is the UConn guard right for the Mavericks?

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Where Jordan Hawkins would fit on the Mavericks

If you want my honest opinion on where Hawkins would fit on the Mavericks, it would probably be in the G-League with the Texas Legends. At least, that's where he would be to start.

With all the weaknesses that he needs to work on, the G League could be the best place for him. Texas Legends Head Coach George Galanopoulos and his coaching staff have helped develop Jaden Hardy into the player that he was by the end of this past season, and they could do the same for Hawkins.

Once he develops a bit in the G League, I think he would be a good addition to the second-team offense at the shooting guard or small forward position. His wingspan and his height would really help him as an anchor for the bench unit's offense.

For an NBA comparison, think of Jordan Clarkson or Tim Hardaway Jr. That's the kind of player that the Mavericks would be getting in Hawkins.

While Hawkins can be an enticing prospect for the Mavericks at number 10, I think they will look for a more seasoned player coming out of college.

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The Mavericks are in a win-now mode and don't have the time to take on a project right now, but that doesn't mean Hawkins won't have a solid NBA career. It just probably won't be in Dallas.