Jordan Hawkins 2023 NBA Draft profile: Is the UConn guard right for the Mavericks?

San Diego State v Connecticut
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Jordan Hawkins' weaknesses

With every great NBA Prospect, there will be some weaknesses.

For Jordan Hawkins, shot creation is one of them. He is simply not a good one-on-one creator and tends to be streaky at times. The guard also needs to work on his finishing at the rim. These issues led to him notching a 39.6% field goal percentage throughout his two years at UConn.

That is something the Mavericks could have him work on with the Texas Legends during long homestands during the season, as Dallas can't afford to have him on the court throwing up contested jump shots when the game is so close.

Another weakness on offense is that he is a terrible decision-maker. He finished with more turnovers than assists in his two years at UConn, so that's another skill he could have to work on in the G League.

If the Mavericks hope to compete for a title next season, they need the second-team offense to be in sync. They can't be turning the ball over when Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving need a break from carrying the team. Hawkins wouldn't provide much help in that regard.

The one defensive weakness for Hawkins is that he's not a lockdown on-ball defender. His frame limits his ability in this area, and he needs to work on that in order to thrive at the NBA level.

Even with these weaknesses, however, the Mavericks might still consider taking Hawkins with the tenth pick. I'm sure Jason Kidd and the coaching staff have taken note of these potential issues.