Jordan Hawkins 2023 NBA Draft profile: Is the UConn guard right for the Mavericks?

San Diego State v Connecticut
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Jordan Hawkins' strengths

Jordan Hawkins has plenty of strengths that could lead to the Dallas Mavericks considering him with the 10th pick in this year's draft.

He is constantly moving around without the ball and likes to get in position for plays before the opposing defense gets set. Hawkins is considered to be a major threat in transition, too. Last year, the Mavericks had some transition offense issues, so Hawkins could potentially help them in that area.

Another skill is his three-point shooting, which is his biggest strength heading into the NBA Draft. If you were watching March Madness this past year, you would be familiar with this, as he made some big-time threes for the Huskies.

He finished his sophomore year with a 38.8% three-point percentage. If the Mavericks were to draft him, expect Jason Kidd to create plays for him coming off screens, creating easy looks for the rookie.

Defensively, Hawkins thrived in the zone at UConn. The Huskies often played him off the ball, allowing him to use his 6-foot-7 wingspan to pester opponents. He also forced plenty of turnovers this way, poking the ball away from his opponents.

For a Mavericks team that desperately needs a boost on the defensive end, Hawkins makes sense with the tenth pick.