Report: Former Mavericks big man signing with Kings

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers
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Some of the Dallas Mavericks' biggest mistakes of the Luka Doncic era came last summer.

First off, they didn't re-sign Jalen Brunson as he signed with the New York Knicks.

Although his asking price could have been a bit higher than Dallas would have liked to pay, he has already outplayed that contract. He may have been never coming back in the first place, as the Knicks signed his dad to be an assistant coach.

Report: Former Mavericks big man signing with Kings

Regardless, it was a big mistake.

The second biggest mistake involved a massive contract that the Mavericks gave to an aging free agent big man.

This center was coming off a great playoff run with the Phoenix Suns, and fans were excited that Dallas was bringing in a center who was a good rebounder and rim protector.

Sadly, this signing ended up being a disaster. If you haven't figured it out already, this signing was JaVale McGee.

The Mavs signed him to a three-year, $17.2 million deal, and he was supposed to be their new starting center. He lost that spot in less than a month.

He was nearly unplayable by the end of the season, and he had lost his role completely. McGee's game took a massive nosedive after a productive previous season, and Dallas will be paying for this mistake as they will be paying off his contract for the next few years.

McGee was in trade rumors all summer, but the Mavericks ended up having to waive him due to seeming limited interest on the trade market.

On August 31, it was reported that JaVale McGee would be signing a one-year veteran minimum contract with the Sacramento Kings. The Kings traded Richaun Holmes to the Mavericks earlier in the offseason, and they ended up replacing him with McGee.

McGee will look to have a bounceback season with the Kings and get back to playing at a high level. He is currently 35 years old, and this could be his last chance to prove that he can still contribute as a role player in the NBA.

Will JaVale McGee be a flop for the Kings like he was for the Mavs, or will he have a bounceback season?

That question will be answered later this season, and we'll have you covered.