Should head coach Jason Kidd take blame for Dallas Mavericks struggles?

Dallas Mavericks, Jason Kidd
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Things will only get better for Dallas Mavericks if Jason Kidd accepts blame and makes changes

Everyone involved in the Mavs has to take a hard look in the mirror right now. They are 34-35 with two of the top 20 basketball players in the world on their roster. Yes, Kyrie Irving has only played 11 games in Dallas and there have been injuries, but those are just excuses. The Mavericks have underperformed all year and a piece of the blame lies with everyone involved.

Jason Kidd needs to accept his portion of the blame and make some changes if things are going to improve. He must alter the rotation, play his best players, get more creative with his ATOs, embrace the talent on the roster, and lead the team.

That is a lot to change overnight, but Dallas has lofty aspirations. Going from 34-35 to a deep playoff run is going to take a lot of alterations in a short period. Will J-Kidd make his share? It is something worth watching down the stretch.

If nothing changes, the Dallas Mavericks will miss the postseason entirely. They will finish outside the top ten in the Western Conference and be headed to the lottery with a slim chance of actually keeping their draft pick. The roster is too flawed right now to overcome all those issues.

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The Mavericks will have bigger issues to deal with if they miss the playoffs. Kyrie Irving will likely depart in free agency and that could push Luka Doncic to ask for a trade. A lot is riding on these final 13 regular season games, so do not miss a second of the action.