Should head coach Jason Kidd take blame for Dallas Mavericks struggles?

Dallas Mavericks, Jason Kidd
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Dallas Mavericks late game woes sit directly on Jason Kidd’s shoulders

Clutch stats are all in a small sample size. Even with just 13 games left, Dallas has only played 183 clutch minutes this season, which is 3.8 full games worth of action.

Judging anything off those numbers seems foolish, but fans watch the games. They know their offense slows down late. They have a 106.9 offensive rating in clutch situations this season, which ranks 23rd in the NBA.

The Mavericks now have two of the best scorers and shot-creators in the NBA. They are still figuring out how to play together, but the ATOs have been awful, especially late in close games. Dallas literally runs the same play every single time. They just try to get the ball into Luka on the left wing, so he can fire a 3-pointer from his spot. Teams know it is coming, and Kidd has offered zero creativity in getting his 24-year-old superstar open.

Jason Kidd is not taking the shots late in games, but drawing up plays during timeouts would help them get open. The Hall of Famer trusts Luka, which is fantastic, but trust alone is not enough to defeat the best teams in the NBA. Coach Kidd needs to help his team by drawing up plays and guiding them through those late games situations.

The Dallas Mavericks are struggling, and they need the Hall of Famer to lead them through it.