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Dallas Mavericks: 5 rotation mistakes Jason Kidd must avoid

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Rotation mistake Dallas Mavericks coach Jason Kidd must avoid: 4. Not using THJ with Luka

The Mavs re-signed Tim Hardaway Jr. to a new four-year contract worth $75 million this offseason, but he reportedly turned down more money from the Pelicans to stay in Dallas. The 6’5 wing has improved his game tremendously since coming over in the Kristaps Porzingis trade, including upgrading his spot-up shooting and offensive efficiency. THJ is an important scorer and floor spacer for the Mavericks.

Dallas thrives when Luka Doncic shares the court with Hardaway Jr. The 29-year-old is more efficient, and the Mavs have outscored the opposition by 2.7 points per game over the last two seasons combined. Hardaway Jr. turns into a 40-plus percent 3-point shooter with the 22-year-old superstar creating looks.

The Mavericks need Hardaway Jr. to play with the second unit because of their lack of creators, but he produces his best numbers when paired with Doncic. Coach Jason Kidd needs to maximize the time they play together. The addition of Reggie Bullock and Sterling Brown should help keep the floor spread for the second unit. If Jalen Brunson takes another step forward, he can run the bench group and allow THJ to play more with Luka leading to career years for all three men.