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Dallas Mavericks: Will Jason Kidd leave everyone but Luka Doncic in the dark?

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There will be friction between Jason Kidd and Luka Doncic at times

Luka is the ultimate competitor. Fans see that in every game. Doncic wants to win more than any player on the court. It is one of the reasons he ended the regular season with 15 technical fouls, one under the limit before receiving a one-game suspension. Luka takes his frustrations out on the referees after what he views as a missed called because he is so competitive.

Jason Kidd has the same trait, and there will be friction at times. Kidd will believe he is right and so will Luka. The two will clash over it as the Hall of Famer did with Giannis from time to time in Milwaukee. Doncic will be seen yelling at Kidd on the bench, and the head coach is going to return the favor. Their relationship should be strong but there will be tense moments.

There were tensions between Luka and former head coach Rick Carlisle. The Athletic reported on it.

Doncic is no stranger to being coached hard. Will Kidd be able to reach him in a way Carlisle could not? The Hall of Famer shares Luka’s ability to see the game and make plays. That could be significant in smoothing over friction when it comes about, but Doncic will not be a fan of Kidd calling out teammates the way he did in Milwaukee. That could be a point of tension early if J-Kidd has not changed his style.

Giannis only has good things to say about Jason Kidd, and it will be the same for Luka Doncic. Kidd is going to help Doncic grow, but there will be some difficult moments along the path.