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Dallas Mavericks: Will Jason Kidd leave everyone but Luka Doncic in the dark?

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Not every player on the Dallas Mavericks will love Jason Kidd

Kidd is a tough coach. He was a hard-nosed one in Brooklyn and Milwaukee. The 48-year-old will be one in Dallas. Fans may not want to hear that but should expect it. In 2018, Kidd talked about his lack of regret for how he coached the Bucks. The Hall of Famer knows what it takes to win. His approach was only further validated by Milwaukee’s championship in 2021. Kidd laid the groundwork for that team’s success.

He will be a demanding coach in Dallas. J-Kidd wants things done and correctly every single time. When they aren’t, there will be consequences. He will get the most out of some players, but others will not respond to his leadership style.

There are numerous accounts of Kidd’s former players not always liking him. Former player and new Mavericks assistant coach Jared Dudley defended J-Kidd’s coaching style after Fader’s book was published.

Other former players’ comments are not as glowing about Kidd. He will be tough and demanding. The Hall of Famer is ultra-competitive too. His coaching approach is not for every player, which makes his staff even more important. The Dallas Mavericks will need to find ways to keep everyone on the same page as they attempt to take the next step this season.