5 issues the Dallas Mavericks must sort out during training camp

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4. Who runs the point behind Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving?

The Mavs executed their offseason plan well. They added multi-dimensional defenders, revamped the center rotation, and continued to bring in young talent.

The only part of the Mavs offseason that seemed to go untouched, was the Mavs need for a backup point guard. Of course, Dallas has Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, but there will be times when neither Doncic nor Irving is on the court for the Mavs.

Doncic consistently plays more than 60 games but does get dinged up here and there and he has been either first or second in usage percentage since his sophomore season in the league.

And, Doncic's running mate, Irving, hasn't had the best reputation when it comes to staying on the court. Irving hasn't totaled more than 60 games played since the 2018-19 season. Although Irving has endured some injuries, off-the-court issues have typically played a role in Irving's absences.

Despite Doncic and Irving both likely playing more than 35 minutes per game, adding another ball-handler to the roster wouldn't hurt. Players like Cameron Payne, Ish Smith, Kendrick Nunn, and even veteran John Wall are still available to the point.

Nevertheless, if the Mavs do prefer to keep the backup ball-handling duties "in-house," a few players are capable of filling those responsibilities.

The Mavericks signed former-fifth overall pick, Dante Exum, to a contract this offseason. Exum came into the league as a highly-regarded prospect, but his career quickly fizzled out due to injuries and lackluster player. Overseas, Exum revived his career by displaying an improved offensive game.

Exum may be just what the Mavs are looking for if his recent progress overseas translates to the NBA. Aside from Exum, the Mavs have Jaden Hardy, who shined as a rookie but isn't a primary ball-handler.

Hardy is a score-first player by nature. Hardy averaged 1.4 assists per game a season ago and only 2.7 assists per game when given the keys to the offense during the NBA Summer League. It will take drastically improved decision-making from Hardy if the Mavs feel he is fit to initiate off the bench.