4 Improvements the Mavericks need to make in order to make the playoffs

Here are four things the Dallas Mavericks need to do better next season if they hope to make it back into the playoffs.

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2. Luka Doncic's decision-making with the ball

For those who watched last season, it was clear that Luka Doncic had some issues determining when to pass and when to drive to the basket. There were some crucial games that the Mavericks could have won last season if Doncic made better decisions with the ball.

Re-signing Kyrie Irving was one of the biggest moves the Mavericks made this summer. Irving is a point guard with elite ball-handling skills. This is something the Mavericks have been looking for in a point guard for a long time.

However, it seems as though Doncic had a hard time giving the ball up to him last season after the trade deadline because they were still working on their chemistry on the court.

Jason Kidd has to sit down with both of them and decide who will be the point guard next season. I really hope Kidd persuades Doncic to turn into a shooting guard and allow Irving to move the ball up the court in order to get Luka open for easy buckets.

I think this is the only way that the Mavericks can make this relationship between Doncic and Irving work. If Doncic can't give up control of the ball, the Mavericks could be in for a very long season.

Luka has got to realize that his decision-making with the ball has the Mavericks in this situation right now. He can't score 50-plus points and carry this team to the playoffs. He has to realize that distributing the ball will be the best chance that the Mavericks have to get back to the postseason if they want to win a title.