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Dallas Mavericks: When will they hoist Larry O'Brien trophy?

Creighton Branch
Dallas Mavericks v Miami Heat - Game Six
Dallas Mavericks v Miami Heat - Game Six / Marc Serota/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks won the championship in 2011. When will they lift the Larry O'Brien trophy again is one of the toughest questions to answer but probably the most sought-after response. After over a decade, fans are still looking to celebrate a second world championship. Now that the new era of the franchise is officially underway, how much longer will it be before the team in Big D find themselves on top of the mountain again?

It would be hard to believe that after the magical run in 2011 that the Mavs orchestrated to achieve NBA glory, it would be hard to find many fans of the franchise that foresaw ten years of first-round exits and sub .500 records. But as the NBA's 75th season approaches next month, the Mavericks have yet to be able to put their hands on that illustrious golden trophy once again.

In that time, LeBron James has captured four rings, the Golden State Warriors have hung three banners, including two with Kevin Durant and just recently, Milwaukee ended their 50-year drought with a title of their own. So when will it be the Mavs turn?

When will the Dallas Mavericks hoist the Larry O'Brien trophy again?

As much as we would like to believe that the Mavs will stand on that stage this upcoming season, which would be an incredible achievement, given that it is the anniversary year, it, unfortunately, will probably not be their time. With the Lakers now constructing a team composed of almost all former All-Stars, Brooklyn being healthy, the Bucks returning their main pieces, and the Warriors expected to be at full strength, the road to the 2022 Larry O'Brien trophy seems to be steep for the Mavericks. However, this does not mean that the time for the world championship to head back to Dallas is far off. It might be closer than most fans believe.

The next time the Mavs will hold that golden trophy over their heads will be in 2024. That's right. This team is only three seasons away from earning their second franchise championship. Given the landscape of the NBA and the ages of the players who currently dominate the league, Dallas is in one of the best positions to contend for a title out of all the teams that are on the cusp.

Dallas currently holds the future player of the NBA in Luka Doncic. They have made a terrific second star out of Tim Hardaway Jr. and should have cap space room heading into the 2024 season to pick up some more key players. However, it's no secret that it has not been easy attracting big-time free agents to Dallas, but the Mavericks have not been in this type of position in quite some time.

Doncic will just be entering his prime (crazy to believe he technically hasn't yet), and he will become that transcendent player in the league who gives others the best chance to win a ring. With Hardaway Jr. providing a solid supporting piece to the puzzle, Dallas can now pitch to free agents that if they come to the Mavericks, they will have the chance to win right away. That is a proposition that this franchise has not been able to provide since the prime Dirk years. The idea of forming a "Big Three" in Dallas with Timmy and a prime Luka to contend for the top of the West is an opportunity some will not ignore.

By that season, the Lakers, Clippers, and Trail Blazers might look completely different. The Suns could be reconstructing their team again, and the Warriors will be on the downslope of their dominance. Denver and Utah will likely be at the top, but other than that, which team is more primed right now to make a run better than the Mavericks in three years?

It most certainly will not be easy. The landscape of the NBA continues to fill with more talented players each year, but that does mean it is impossible.

Step one in the process is finding a revolutionary player, and the team has most certainly done that. The offseason moves the Mavs made with the front office and coaching staff show the franchise is serious about winning now. The final step is attracting free agents, an opportunity the team has not had a legitimate shot at in over a decade.

It is hard to look at the Dallas Mavericks' upcoming opportunities and not think they are destined for glory much sooner rather than later. After ten years of aimlessly wandering in the middle to the bottom level of the NBA, in three short years, Dallas once again will reign supreme.

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