Mavericks forward gives insight on puzzling situation with Hornets center Kai Jones

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Charlotte Hornets forward Kai Jones has been the topic of conversation around the NBA world for the past few weeks after he went on Instagram live and danced while speaking inaudibly.

This was just the start of Jones' puzzling social media frenzy, as there have been several strange posts on his various accounts.

Jones has openly criticized some of his Hornets teammates, posted strange videos of him dancing, and said he was better at basketball than LeBron James and prime Shaquille O'Neal.

Mavericks forward gives insight on puzzling situation with Hornets center Kai Jones

This is just a bit of Jones' interesting social media posts over the last few weeks.

It was reported by Shams Charania of The Athletic that Jones would be away from the team indefinitely and would miss training camp due to personal reasons.

Jones is clearly going through something, and Dallas Mavericks forward Greg Brown III gave some insight into the situation of what is going on with Jones. Dallas signed Brown III to an Exhibit 10 contract earlier this offseason, and could end up snagging the Mavs' final two-way contract.

Jones and Brown III were teammates at the University of Texas, and still seem to be friends. Here's what Brown III had to say when asked about Jones after Dallas' training camp practice on September 30.

"Kai has always been like that," Brown III said about Jones' confidence. "(He's) always been enthusiastic. I just think people really never seen the real Kai. Kai is really just showing the real Kai right now. He might be doing through a little something, just like all of us."

This part of the interview was mostly Brown III talking about Jones' overconfidence that he has been displaying recently, and he also said that he has checked in on Jones.

"He says he's doing great," Brown III said. "He's seen all the harassment people have been saying about him. He's not really worried about that. He's just worried about getting better and being productive this year."

It's good to see that Brown III has checked in on his former teammate, and everyone wants to see Jones get through whatever is going on. Everyone goes through things in their lives, and Jones is no different.

Brown III, on the other hand, will be fighting for Dallas' final two-way roster spot. The Mavs already have two of their three two-way contracts filled by AJ Lawson and Mike Miles Jr., and Brown III could be the versatile forward that Dallas needs.

His game is still raw, but he could turn into a valuable rotation piece for Dallas in a few years if he continues to develop. Dallas fans' first chance to see Brown III in action will be on October 5 against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

We'll have you covered with all the latest on the Dallas Mavericks and Greg Brown III, so stay tuned.