30 Greatest Dallas Mavericks players in franchise history

Dallas Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki, Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki, Luka Doncic / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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16. Tyson Chandler

The Mavs were bounced in the first round of the playoffs in 2010 by the rival Spurs, but they knew they were close. The franchise needed an interior presence that brought toughness, rebounding, and rim protection next to Dirk Nowitzki, so they traded for Chandler.

The seven-footer became a Mavericks legend in just one season. He provided that needed defensive boost that pushed Dallas over the top. Chandler averaged 10.1 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks in 27.4 minutes per game during the regular season. His playing time increased in the playoffs with Brendan Haywood’s injury and the team’s need for defense.

The Maverick blew it up after winning the championship in 2011, and they traded Chandler to the Knicks only for Dallas to reacquire him from New York in 2014. Chandler was again fantastic in one year for the Mavs, but Dallas was bounced by the Rockets in the first round of the playoffs. The seven-footer left for Phoenix in free agency the following summer.

Tyson Chandler is the franchise leader in rebounds per game, offensive rating, and win shares per 48 minutes. The seven-footer only spent two seasons in Dallas, but he was a key piece of their championship run and one of the best centers in team history.