10 Greatest NBA Finals performers in Dallas Mavericks history

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
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7. Josh Howard

The Dallas Mavericks losing to the Miami Heat in the 2006 Finals was an incredible disappointment. But if it weren't for Dwyane Wade going supernova and making 97 trips to the free-throw line in the six-game series, the Mavs would likely have won an NBA championship earlier.

Furthermore, Josh Howard would also probably not have the distinction of being one of the forgotten Dallas stars.

The retired swingman established himself as a formidable two-way force during his time on the Mavs (2003-2010), and he was key to the team's run to the championship stage in the 2005-06 season. In fact, Dallas had a 25-0 record when Howard scored at least 20 during the regular season until the Western Conference Finals.

Miami snapped the streak in the title bout, though, as the Mavs lost when he put up 21 in Game 3 and 25 in Game 5. It's worth noting that the squad lost by a combined three points in those contests.

Dallas may have lost, but Howard tried his best to provide Dirk Nowitzki with the needed help, registering 14.7 points (which were pulled down by a three-point performance in the fourth contest) and 8.2 rebounds per match. Unfortunately, he had to battle foul trouble for almost the entire series.