Mavericks forward Grant Williams jokingly calls out Jaylen Brown after extension

After Jaylen Brown signed his massive extension with the Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks forward Grant Williams called him out.

Dallas Mavericks, Grant Williams, Jaylen Brown
Dallas Mavericks, Grant Williams, Jaylen Brown / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

During his time with the Boston Celtics, new Dallas Mavericks forward Grant Williams established himself as a favorite among his teammates.

He and Jayson Tatum would always warm up together before the games, he constantly cracked jokes on the sidelines, and late into the season, Tatum and Jaylen Brown even went to head coach Joe Mazzulla and pleaded for him to give Williams more minutes.

His on-the-court antics may steal the spotlight more often than not, but everything that came out of Boston painted the picture that Williams was loved by his teammates.

However, money can change a person, and based on Williams' recent Instagram Story (which was very clearly a lighthearted jokes between former teammates), Brown might be the latest victim of that saying, as he isn't answering his friends' phone calls.

In a hilarious twist of events, it seems as though new Mavericks forward is having a tough time reaching his former teammate, Brown, after the latter signed a record-breaking $304 million supermax contract extension with the Celtics.

Williams and his former Celtics teammate, Robert Williams III, took to Instagram after they attempted to FaceTime Brown. But the star player didn't respond. In response, both of the Williamses posted a Instagram Stories calling Jaylen out,

After the news broke about Brown's massive contract, reporters asked the star player about his former teammates' attempts to reach him. Brown, seemingly unaware of the situation, chuckled and said that he would have to call them back because his phone was "buzzing like crazy."

It appears that Williams and Brown are engaged in some light-hearted banter, and the Mavs forward is having a tough time getting through to his now very wealthy friend.

It's all in good fun, and this playful exchange showcases the camaraderie that exists among NBA players, even after they part ways. Brown's newfound wealth has certainly changed things for him, but his humility and sense of humor remain intact.

As for the Mavs, Grant Williams can rest assured that Jaylen Brown will eventually get back to him. After all, friendships like theirs don't fade away with a hefty contract โ€“ they only get stronger.