How Grant Williams will help Mavericks on both ends and his 2 legendary idols

Grant Williams is set to step in and help the Dallas Mavericks from Day 1, and his two legendary idols are perfect players to guide him in that process.
Dallas Mavericks, Grant Williams, NBA Trade Rumors
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How Grant Williams helps Mavericks off the court and an offseason check-in

Grant Williams could be a long-term piece for the Dallas Mavericks, and even outside of the excellent on-court fit, he is a perfect culture guy to have in any locker room. He'll being an amazing mentality and playoff experience to a Mavericks organization that is working hard to add "culture guys" as well as talent.

Look no further than Theo Pinson's role at the end of the bench these past few seasons or the integrity and willingness to give back that Dwight Powell has brought to the community since he's been in Dallas.

When asked about the 'Grant Williams Family Foundation' by Clutch Points reporter Brett Siegel, Williams spoke at length about his off-the-court efforts this summer.

"I’m super excited with the direction of the foundation. We have a great partnership with Quest Nutrition, and they recently went above and beyond by donating $10,000 at our first free basketball camp at West Charlotte High School. Outside of the camp, we’ve also been able to help a lot of people who are not athletes and have not been given the same opportunities in life compared to the normal person. Putting together a bunch of different programs for people of all kinds of backgrounds is just such a blessing."

Grant Williams

Williams is also excited to join his new Dallas teammates, as he is reportedly going to be fully recovered from his hand surgery in early June by the time training camp starts. He will look to thrive in his new role.

During his chat with Siegel, Williams revealed that his hand wrap is off and proceeded to speak about the things he's been working on this summer, despite the limitations his recovery brought.

"The injury has limited my abilities to do certain workouts on the court, but I’ve been trying to work on movement shooting and I’ve been doing a lot of work with navigating screens as a defender. I always want to have a positive mindset, I want to have a positive approach and I want to be a great teammate. I’m coming into a new situation with the Mavericks, so I want to prove right away that I can fit in and be someone everyone in the organization trusts both on and off the court."

Grant Williams

With everything Williams brings to the floor, and away from it, Mavericks fans should be ecstatic to welcome him aboard.