How Grant Williams will help Mavericks on both ends and his 2 legendary idols

Grant Williams is set to step in and help the Dallas Mavericks from Day 1, and his two legendary idols are perfect players to guide him in that process.
Dallas Mavericks, Grant Williams, NBA Trade Rumors
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How Grant Williams' offense can help Mavericks

Grant Williams likely won’t step in on Day 1 on the Dallas Mavericks with a high level of offensive versatility, especially given he’s coming off of hand surgery in early June, but at the mere age of 24 years old, he’s poised to have an increased role with the Mavericks. His offensive repertoire will be much more valuable and needed than it was in Boston.

Throughout the last four seasons, the commonly ran a five-out offense that tasked role players with hitting their threes and making the right reads when they got the ball.

Williams did an excellent job in that offensive system, especially as a three-point shooter. He's a career 37.9% shooter from distance. But to evolve into the type of player that he idolized, he will have to further expand upon and add new elements to his offensive game.

He will have to expand upon his dribble-drive game, become more savvy with his finishes, potentially develop an in-between game or a floater, and become a more dynamic passing threat out of the post if he wants to reach the level of a Green, for instance.

While this seems far-fetched, Williams is still young, and we've seen role players in the NBA who've been delegated to do the dirty work off the bench blossom once they hit their stride. For instance, look no further at the change in role Bruce Brown transitioned from during his time with the Brooklyn Nets to the Denver Nuggets.