Grade the Trade: Mavs land 3&D center in 3-team mock trade with Pacers, Raptors

In this three-team trade, the Dallas Mavericks would land a new starting center in a deal with the Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors.
Dallas Mavericks, NBA Trade Rumors, Myles Turner
Dallas Mavericks, NBA Trade Rumors, Myles Turner / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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The Dallas Mavericks have put all their energy into improving their roster this summer. They were undoubtedly disappointed with last season’s results, as they failed to even reach the Play-In Tournament.

With Luka Doncic at the helm and under contract for a few more seasons, their goal this summer was clear - put a contending team around their franchise superstar.

And so far this offseason, Dallas has succeeded in that goal. They’ve made a flurry of moves, all of which have drastically improved the ceiling of their current roster.

Dallas re-signed Kyrie Irving to a three-year contract, made trades for Grant Williams and Richaun Holmes, signed Seth Curry and Dante Exum, and drafted Dereck Lively II and Olivier Maxence-Prosper.

But the Mavericks may not be done.

While recent rumblings have indicated that the Mavericks are content with their current center rotation, there is definitely still room for improvement, especially if they don’t want to throw Lively into the fire right away.

Dallas’ sign-and-trade for Williams hard-capped them already, though, so they would have to find a perfect deal in order to make one, as it would cost a pretty penny.

That being said, there could be some trades out there that would be worth it for the Mavericks, especially if they can improve their center spot.

As the Toronto Raptors continue to pop up in trade talks, Pascal Siakam’s name is constantly thrown around, and while the Mavericks don’t have the assets to land the All-Star, they could benefit from a potential deal.

If the Raptors trade Siakam, Dallas should look to swoop in and land a starting center in a three-team trade, and this proposal, which also involves the Indiana Pacers, could be intriguing.