Grade the Trade: Lakers land star guard from Mavericks in mock blockbuster

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Dallas Mavericks, D'Angelo Russell
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Grading the trade for the Dallas Mavericks

For this trade to happen, something would have had to go very, very wrong for the Dallas Mavericks.

This front office has put a lot into the duo of Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, and blowing it up this quickly would be a disappointment. But they also are working on a short timetable and have to keep Doncic happy (and all Doncic wants to do is win).

Also, if the Mavericks were to struggle next season, a trade for Irving would need a bigger return on the Mavericks' end. Dallas doesn't need a power forward that's making $51 million over the next few years. They also don't need D'Angelo Russell, who is set to make $35 million over the next two years (if he opts into his player option next summer).

They also only land one first-round pick.

Russell averaged 17.4 points and 6.1 assists for the Lakers last season. He wouldn't be an awful fit in Dallas, but is a major downgrade from Irving.

Trading a star player of his caliber seems like it would at least command a better player or more draft capital, but if Irving wants out too, a similar package wouldn't be too surprising.

Players are getting more and more leverage when it comes to requesting trades, and if Irving wants to go to Los Angeles to play with LeBron James, he would likely end up there (depending on how serious his trade request is).

Potential starting lineup: D'Angelo Russell, Luka Doncic, Josh Green, Grant Williams, Dwight Powell

Dallas could also consider starting Hachimura and moving Williams to the three. This team doesn't look awful, but trading away Irving would be a sad moment for fans.

The Mavs get worse in this trade and are under compensated so they get a D+.

Dallas Mavericks. mavs grade kyrie. D+. Land two role players that don't move the needle much for this team. Take on guaranteed money going forward with only one first-round pick

Hachimura and Russell could end up working out in Dallas if traded here, but they'd have no flexibility in free agency moving forward.