Grade the trade: Mavericks trade back in the draft and acquire walking highlight reel

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Grading the trade for the Dallas Mavericks

This trade allows the Mavericks to add some much-needed frontcourt depth while staying in the draft. Dallas needs youth badly, and this trade with Atlanta allows them the chance to draft a coveted prospect at pick 15.

Dereck Lively II also has the chance to fall to pick 15 and would be able to compete for the starting center job for the Mavs.

If things work out in Dallas' favor in the draft, they could end the night with a new starting power forward in John Collins and a new center in Lively II. It would be ruled a success and flip the page in Dallas' "DP era" (Dwight Powell starting at center).

After discussing Collins' regression on the previous slide, it's time to talk about the good things he can bring to the Mavs.

He would be one of the more athletic players on the team and a reliable pick-and-roll partner for Luka Doncic. He is an elite dunker that would bring excitement to the American Airlines Center. Collins puts people on a poster often and is fearless as he soars toward the rim.

He also can pop, but his shooting numbers have regressed every year since his third season. He went from shooting 40.1 percent from three last season to 29.2 percent last season.

Dallas could help him get back to being a good shooter, and his previous shooting numbers should intrigue Dallas as they've helped players improve as shooters in the past. He would be an upgrade on the current roster, but his contract could turn out to be really, really bad if his game doesn't take a step in the right direction next season.

He would help the Mavs' rebounding, but doesn't help their defense much.

Potential starting lineup: Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, Reggie Bullock, John Collins, Dwight Powell

The Mavericks could also throw Lively II into this starting lineup, but he may not be available at pick 15.

Dallas also gets a B for this trade, and they should be careful before making this move. Collins' contract isn't good and will limit what the Mavericks can do in future free agencies, especially with the new CBA.

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