Grade the Trade: Mavericks acquire two-way star in mock blockbuster

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Grading the trade for the Dallas Mavericks

Ever since the Mavericks dealt Finney-Smith to the Nets during the 2023 trade deadline, they have been lacking and 3-and-D wing. Although free agent acquisition Grant Williams fits this mold, he is relatively unproven in a starting role.

Williams has only started 58 out of a possible 288 games.

And, Williams hasn't shown any glimpses of extensive offensive repertoire thus far in his career. Williams averaged a career-high 8.1 points and 1.7 assists per game last season. At this point in his career, Williams is the epitome of a 3-and-D role player.

Anunoby provides much more than a 3-and-D role player. Although Williams and Anunoby share similar advanced defensive statistics, Anunoby has demonstrated 3-level scoring on offense and superior defensive playmaking.

For his career, Anunoby shoots 47.1 percent from the floor and 37.5 percent from downtown. And strikingly enough, with increased volume and offensive responsibility, his efficiency hasn't declined.

Anunoby does most of his damage at the rim or beyond the arc, something the Mavs have cherished over the past few seasons. Over the past two seasons, the Mavs have ranked top-5 in the percentage of field goal attempts from three-point range.

Aside from his offense, Anunoby is a fantastic defensive playmaker. Many players are considered good defenders but lack the playmaking requisite to push them over the top. Anunoby has both guarding abilities, as well as defensive playmaking. Last season, Anunoby averaged 1.9 steals and 0.7 blocks per game. No other player matched those numbers.

Acquiring Anunoby does wonders for the Mavericks. Dallas has been longing for a two-way player. The roster has been and is still constructed with too many one-dimensional players. Anunoby offers Dallas a player who can score 20-plus points and defend the opposing team's star player on any given night.

Potential starting lineup: Kyrie Irving, Luka Doncic, OG Anunoby, Grant Williams, Dwight Powell

The Mavs receive an A+ for this trade. Mortgaging some of their future isn't easy, but Green hasn't been extended yet and Anunoby is still just 25 years old. And, giving up another draft pick isn't the end of the world, especially with how the Mavs have dealt their picks over the past few years.

With a slew of players 25 or below, the Mavs will surely extend their championship window for many years to come.

Dallas Mavericks. Grade. A+. The Mavs would receive a legitimate two-way star in OG Anunoby. Although Anunoby may be seeking a bigger role, Dallas gets the opportunity to have Anunoby for a season before re-signing him for multiple seasons..