Grade the Trade: Mavericks acquire two-way star in mock blockbuster

Toronto Raptors v Milwaukee Bucks
Toronto Raptors v Milwaukee Bucks / John Fisher/GettyImages
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Dallas Mavericks trade for OG Anunoby

In this hypothetical trade, Dallas receives forward OG Anunoby and the less-favorable Dallas or Toronto first-round draft pick in the 2028 NBA Draft.

Meanwhile, Toronto would receive wing Josh Green, center Richaun Holmes, a 2025 second-round pick, a 2027 unprotected first-round pick, and the more favorable 2028 first-round draft pick.


Dallas adds a proven wing defender, who is much more than just an asset on the defensive end. Anunoby averaged 16.8 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 2.0 assists a season ago. Additionally, Anunoby shot an efficient 47.6 percent from the floor and 38.7 percent from three.

The Toronto wing only has a year left on his contract, at $18 million, before his player option in the 2024-25 season sets in, which he is likely to decline in hopes of a bigger payday.

The Raptors add a 22-year-old guard in Josh Green, who projects as a menace on the defensive end, like Anunoby. However, Green is in the last year of his rookie contract and would likely command far less than Anunoby on the free-agent market.

Besides Green, the Raptors would add center Richaun Holmes, who would provide much-needed front-court depth in Toronto. The Raptors only roster two players taller than 6-foot-9.

Perhaps most importantly, the Raptors recoup draft assets for a player who is likely to walk after the upcoming season. Toronto would receive an unprotected first-rounder, a second-rounder (which they used to own), and the more favorable first-rounder in the 2028 draft.

With this in mind for both teams, we'll take a look at how each team would grade given this hypothetical deal.