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Dallas Mavericks: How acquiring Goran Dragic would elevate Luka Doncic

Spain vs Slovenia: FIBA Eurobasket 2017
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The Dallas Mavericks are rumored to have interest in acquiring Goran Dragic. He was recently sent to the Toronto Raptors in a Kyle Lowry sign-and-trade. Dragic has expressed that he does not intend to play for the Raptors, and he has listed the Mavericks as his preferred destination. Dragic would be a perfect fit in Dallas.

Dragic is 35. His production, along with his physical tools, has dipped a little recently. However, the 6'3 guard is still one of the most underrated players in the league. The former All-Star brings a veteran voice to the locker room and can help set a culture for a team searching for one.

Dragic can still create his shot when needed, and he makes people around him better. People also sleep on how mentally and physically resilient he is. Shaquille O'Neal, who played with Dragic in Pheonix, said, "There are only two players that ever withstand my hazing, and I had to release what I was doing to them because of their toughness: Kobe Bryant and Goran Dragic." Shaq had plenty to say about Dragic's toughness.

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Dallas Mavericks: How acquiring Goran Dragic would elevate Luka Doncic. 

Luka Doncic would be the biggest beneficiary to the Mavericks adding Dragic. They've had an excellent relationship for a long time. The duo played together for Slovenia and won EuroBasket 2017. Last season, Luka Doncic had a usage of 35 percent, which was good for second in the league. That number jumped to 39 percent in the postseason, which led the NBA.

Mavericks will never win against the league's best with one person initiating all the offense, and history backs that up. The players with the 20 highest usage rates in a single season did not win a championship in those years. Only two of those 20 made it to the finals. Even if fans want to expand on that number, only one guy in the top 50 won in a ring that year. Luka's 2020-21 campaign was the 15th all-time. Adding Dragic would take that burden off of Luka's shoulders.

Dragic's most significant value to the personal development of Luka is what he does for him from a maturity standpoint. Doncic is a bit of a firecracker. He had 15 technical fouls last year and was one away from seeing a one-game suspension.

When Luka or the team as a whole went on a bad run in a game, the Mavericks superstar would get an untimely tech, and it would aid the opposing team's run. Luka needs to keep his emotions in check, and he is the first person to tell you that. Dragic would be instrumental for Luka Doncic's maturation process.

Goran Dragic makes a lot of sense basketball-wise, but he serves the most importance as a glue guy that the Dallas Mavericks seriously need. With all the coaching turnover, the Mavs are starting from scratch to rebuild their culture. Everything begins with Luka Doncic, and adding Goran Dragic will make him the best version of himself as a player and teammate.

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