Dallas Mavericks assistant coach God Shammgod used to wear what shoes?

Dallas Mavericks, God Shammgod, Stephon Marbury
Dallas Mavericks, God Shammgod, Stephon Marbury / Theo Wargo/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks hired God Shammgod in 2019 as a player development coach, and the 46-year-old New York City legend stayed with the team following former head coach Rick Carlisle’s departure. Shammgod is known for his incredible ball-handling ability and his signature move that bears his name, and he is now passing those skills on to today’s players.

Kevin Durant helped produce a documentary called NYC Point Gods that talks about the city’s rich history of ball-handlers and what makes them unique. Fans can stream in on any Showtime platform. Shammgod features prominently in the film because he embodies the three characteristics often discussed. The now Mavericks assistant coach had the flare and the flash with the ball-handling ability and toughness to get past any defender.

There is a hilarious story in the documentary about the shoes Shammgod wore in high school, and how he showed he was different. This was long before he had his own signature shoe from Puma and was teaching the next generation of ball-handlers. Here is a closer look at the tale from the must-see documentary.

Dallas Mavericks assistant coach God Shammgod used to wear what shoes?

There was plenty of talk about what made Shammgod great in the film, and he was one of the many legendary New York City point guards featured from Tiny Archibald to Stephon Marbury. There was also a hilarious story about how Shammgod improved his jumping ability. Here is a quote from his friend and famous rapper Cam’Ron.

"It look like a regular sneaker, but in the front, it was like a round plate that was off the ground. You basically walked on your toes all day."

There were plenty of questions and comments from the other children because Shammgod wore them all day every day. The activity did not matter. From dribbling at the park to going to the store, he was always wearing these sneakers. Cam'Ron continued.

"And then, like three months later, Sham started dunking on people. These shoes were to help you jump. Just walking on your toes all day, but they looked stupid. He did that. He started wearing these shoes to school and the store, and he did not care what nobody said. I said, ‘Oh, he’s going to be a different type of animal’."

The shoes coupled with the work ethic and toughness made God Shammgod special. His ball-handling ability is legendary, and players across the globe are still trying to perfect his signature move.

Shammgod is preparing for another season with the Dallas Mavericks where he will likely get plenty of time to work with rookie Jaden Hardy and the rest of the roster as the team looks to build on last season’s run to the conference finals.

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