9 Glaring offseason regrets Mavericks have after first month of season

Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks
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6. Not trading Jaden Hardy

Dallas Mavericks guard Jaden Hardy finished the season phenomenally last year as he was finally making the most of his minutes and turned into one of Dallas' most reliable 3-point shooters.

Last season, Hardy averaged 8.8 points, 1.9 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game while shooting over 40 percent from downtown. He could be used as the lead guard while also playing off the ball and nailing catch-and-shoot threes.

He was someone that seemingly every Mavs fan was excited about, and everyone couldn't wait to see how he improved over the summer.

Hardy was someone that teams were calling Mavs about this summer, and they could regret trading him due to his lack of a role and struggles to start the season.

This season, Hardy is averaging 6.2 points, 1.7 rebounds, and 1.2 assists per game while shooting 38.5 percent from the field and 26.8 percent from downtown. His minutes per game are also down to 11.3, and his future with the team does not seem promised anymore.

Dallas already has enough guards that score off the bench, and due to Hardy's poor play so far, his stock could have diminished significantly since the summer.

The Mavs could have likely landed an elite piece if they moved Hardy over the summer, but now his value is likely much lower. Hopefully Hardy can improve as the season progresses, but I don't think it would shock many fans if Dallas decides to move on.