Mavericks give huge injury news for veteran guard ahead of Thunder series

Dallas Mavericks, Tim Hardaway Jr.
Dallas Mavericks, Tim Hardaway Jr. / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks had the worst injury luck at the end of their series against the Clippers as they lost Maxi Kleber for several weeks with a shoulder injury and Luka Doncic's knee injury continues to linger.

This is less than ideal as they head into their series against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Kleber's injury could hurt this team way more than people realize.

While the Mavs will be without Kleber and likely Olivier-Maxence Prosper for the entirety of the Thunder series, they could be getting one of their key pieces back in this series.

Tim Hardaway Jr. returned to Mavericks practice on Sunday

Tim Hardaway Jr. sprained his ankle in Game 2 against the Clippers, reaggravated it in practice during the middle of the series when he was on the brink of returning, and now he could be returning at the beginning of the series against the Thunder.

Jason Kidd revealed that Hardaway Jr. returned to practice on Sunday, and that's a huge sign of improvement when it comes to a potential return for him. The Mavs need a third scorer to step up next to Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, and this could be what Hardaway Jr. brings once he returns.

Hardaway Jr. wasn't playing particularly well when he was healthy during the Clippers series, but there's a chance that he can exit the shooting slump (subscription required) that he has been working through at the perfect time in the Thunder series.

The Mavs will need to be at their best to take down Oklahoma City and advance to the Western Conference Finals, and a Hardaway Jr. shooting revival could be the perfect recipe for this.

It's unclear when Hardaway Jr. will return to in-game action, but him practicing on Sunday is a great sign that he will return at some point in Dallas' series against the Thunder.

For all the latest on Luka Doncic, Tim Hardaway Jr., and the Dallas Mavericks throughout their run in the 2024 NBA Playoffs, stay tuned.