12 Free agents Dallas Mavericks must pursue after Klay Thompson signing

Klay Thompson
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5. Luke Kennard

Despite reaching the Finals, the Dallas Mavericks had trouble making shots efficiently from behind the 3-point line the entire 2023-24 season. In the regular season, their 36.9% shooting from beyond the arc ranked just 13th among all teams.

Then, against the Boston Celtics, the Mavs' outside shooting struggles manifested again, causing them to fall short of their goals of hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy. Dallas aced the Klay Thompson signing because it addressed this weakness.

Still, the Mavs might be better off looking for more players who are proven knockdown or movement shooters. Luke Kennard appears to fit the bill.

The Duke University product has sunk 2.0 3-pointers per game in his career, converting 43.9 percent of his shots from that range. He is a year removed from finishing a campaign with a 49.4 percent 3-point field goal percentage.

Dallas could definitely benefit from having a sniper, such as Kennard, playing off the bench. Having him play in lineups with Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, or both would keep defenses honest. There might be financial hurdles, though, because the 28-year-old marksman can command a seven-digit annual salary in the market. However, if he is available for a much cheaper price, the Mavs might want to pursue him.