12 Free agents Dallas Mavericks must pursue after Klay Thompson signing

Klay Thompson
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8. Haywood Highsmith

The Dallas Mavericks do not have cap space to work with and are, in fact, above the luxury tax line. They only have a $4.4 million midlevel exception deal to hand out besides veteran minimum contracts. Would that be enough to lure two-way forward Haywood Highsmith to the DFW metroplex?

Probably not because the free agent is in high demand in the market right now for his 3-and-D potential. His skills, length, and athleticism have helped him carve a niche as an excellent perimeter defender. Highsmith has been fearsome as an on-ball defender and chasing opponents off the ball. Meanwhile, his efficiency from the 3-point land has consistently increased since his rookie year, shooting a career-high 39.6% from long distance last season.

Chances are the undrafted pro out of Wheeling University will remain with the Heat. But if he wants a change of scenery and a chance to play for a championship contender, Dallas is the place to be.

Interestingly, he has plenty of similarities with Derrick Jones Jr., whom the Mavs lost to a hated rival in free agency. Aside from their two-way abilities, they are undrafted gems and products of the Heat's vaunted player development program. Maybe Dallas can repeat its success by replacing Jones Jr. with Highsmith.