12 Free agents Dallas Mavericks must pursue after Klay Thompson signing

Klay Thompson
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2. Dennis Smith Jr.

Maybe the solution to the Dallas Mavericks' need for a backup point guard is their former lottery pick, Dennis Smith Jr.

The North Carolina State University product last played for Dallas in the middle of the 2018-19 season before getting traded to the New York Knicks in the deal that brought in Kristaps Porzingis and Tim Hardaway Jr. He suited up for the Knicks until 2021, then bounced around from team to team until landing on the Brooklyn Nets last season.

Perhaps it's time for a Smith Jr.-Mavs reunion, which may be a year too late because the franchise should have considered bringing him back in the 2023 offseason.

He may have failed at becoming a star, but it's clear what DSJ brings to the table now. His primary strength lies in his ability to disrupt the opposing point guard's rhythm, which would bode well for Dallas after its perimeter defense got exposed against the Boston Celtics in the 2024 Finals.

On offense, Smith Jr. has continued to exhibit his explosive first step. He could be the spark the Mavs need off the bench.

Interestingly, Luka Doncic would also get to team up with a player who he played part of his rookie season with and someone he was great friends with in Smith Jr.