5 veteran free agents the Dallas Mavericks could sign to mentor Luka Doncic

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5. Goran Dragic

This idea has been written to death, but it’s too obvious to not mention, so we’ll get it out of the way now.

The Slovenian connection between Luka Doncic and Goran Dragic is strong, as the two guards competed alongside one another on the international stage, and in that aspect, Dragic has already been a mentor for Doncic.

Last summer, Dragic reportedly didn’t want to sign with the Mavericks because Jason Kidd wasn’t going to give him any minutes. He still wanted to contribute in an NBA rotation.

Well, after starting with the Chicago Bulls last season, Dragic was waived and went on to sign with the Milwaukee Bucks. He only played 15 minutes per game in both situations. His time playing big-time minutes could be over.

In turn, maybe teaming up with Doncic in the NBA and helping guide him on this stage could be an attractive option for the 37-year-old guard. Doncic would almost surely appreciate the addition.

With Udonis Haslem retiring, there’s always a chance the Miami Heat look to bring Dragic back into the fold as their new bench leader, but Dallas should absolutely try to add him to their bench.

Unless Dragic decides to sign somewhere overseas in an attempt to extend his playing career, a mentorship role next to Doncic could be perfect for both sides.