Dallas Mavericks guard Frank Ntilikina shows off his French National Team gear

Dallas Mavericks, Frank Ntilikina
Dallas Mavericks, Frank Ntilikina / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks guaranteed Frank Ntilikina’s contract for next season this summer after the 6’4 guard played well during his first year with the team.

Ntilikina was drafted as a point guard, but he struggled in that role in New York. Joining the Mavs last year offered him a second chance. He was no longer the lottery pick with outsized expectations. His role shifted in Dallas, and it allowed him to crack the team’s playoff rotation as a defensive-minded wing.

Ntilikina won a silver medal at the Olympics in 2021 with the French National Team, and he will be back playing for his country this summer. The French showed off their uniforms as the team got back together to start gearing up for EuroBasket in September.

Dallas Mavericks guard Frank Ntilikina shows off French National Team uniforms

Ntilikina missed the team’s World Cup qualifiers earlier this summer, but he will play in EuroBasket as the French look to take down Luka Doncic and reigning champions Slovenia. Mavs fans will remember the epic dual between Slovenia and France in the Olympic semifinals that came down to the final possession. Ntilikina's side ultimately prevailed, but that did not stop Doncic from have a historic night.

France will be rocking some sharp uniforms during EuroBasket, and Ntilkina is one 17 men currently in the talented squad. Fans can see the French Prince wearing his national team uniform below.

Rudy Gobert leads the team, but fans will be most interested in seeing projected 2023 number one overall pick Victor Wembanyama. Luka put on a show during EuroBasket 2017, which foreshadowed his NBA greatness. Could Wembanyama do the same?

Frank Ntilikina plays a key role for his national team as a defensive stopper. Fans should not be surprised if he ends up guarding Luka if they match up against Slovenia at EuroBasket.

Luka Doncic and Frank Ntilikina will not be the only current and former Dallas Mavericks in the European championships. Davis Bertans, Boban Marjanovic, and others will take part, so fans should be sure to tune in and enjoy the show in September.

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