7 Former, 2 current Dallas Mavericks players listed as 'top NBA trade candidates'

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3. Richaun Holmes

After Mavericks' alternate governor Mark Cuban labeled Richaun Holmes as "one of the most underrated pickups of the summer," it was largely assumed that Holmes would have some sort of role for the Mavericks this season.

That hasn't been the case whatsoever though, as Holmes has played sparingly so far for Dallas this year. Jason Kidd has elected to play Holmes when the Mavericks are facing off against teams with loaded front-courts, but Holmes hasn't gotten any sort of consistent playing time outside of that.

Holmes has looked tentative on offense compared to the player we saw in Sacramento when he gets substituted in during garbage time or even during meaningful minutes, even if he's shown a few flashes of the aggressive center that once dominated as a roll-man and post-up player.

Holmes would be a $12 million expiring contract this upcoming offseason, but he does have a player option for next season that he'll likely exercise. Given Holmes still has another year on his contract and has been almost completely out of Dallas' rotation, it's no wonder that Scotto listed Holmes as a prime trade candidate for Dallas to ship out, but inversely other teams likely don't want to bring in an underperforming backup center.

Dallas is likely going to get diminished assets in return for Holmes if they don't attach sweeteners in a theoretical trade where they are sending him out, but he's certainly the most likely candidate for Dallas to try and deal ahead of the deadline given his contract situation and spot in the rotation.

Unless Kidd gives Holmes more of an opportunity and he can prove himself, then his time in Dallas might be short-lived, but it also won't be easy to get off his contract so we'll just have to see what happens.