7 Former, 2 current Dallas Mavericks players listed as 'top NBA trade candidates'

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4. Delon Wright

Ever since Luka Doncic stepped foot in Dallas there had been questions over who was going to be the secondary ball handler and playmaker until Jalen Brunson stepped it up to another level during the latter half of the Mavericks' 2021-22 season.

Dallas's first attempt at solving this issue came by signing Delon Wright in the offseason of 2020. Wright had a down-season in Dallas under head coach Rick Carlisle and only started five games whilst averaging 21.5 minutes per game through the entire season.

At the time, Wright was 27 years old when he first got to Dallas, so many Mavericks fans thought he'd have a much more established role on the team than he ended up having. Wright has notoriously been a great point-of-attack defender given his 6-foot-5 frame at the point guard position and that was no different in Dallas, but Wright never gained the trust of Carlisle to take on more responsibilities on offense.

Admittedly, Wright has probably become a better ball handler and playmaker since he was in Dallas, as he's had some solid seasons where he's shot above league average from distance since being in Dallas. Wright may have been miscast as a potential starter alongside Luka Doncic by Mavericks fans heading into the 2019-20 season, as many didn't expect the Mavericks to be as good as they were that season.

However, given Wright doesn't fit with the current young core in Washington, perhaps there's a world where Dallas calls Washington about him ahead of this year's trade deadline. With Dante Exum's ascension in the lineup, it's doubtful Wright fits a position of need on this Mavericks roster ahead of the trade deadline, but if Dallas needs another point-of-attack defender maybe they'd swing a small trade to bring back Wright under a new regime.