7 Former, 2 current Dallas Mavericks players listed as 'top NBA trade candidates'

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6. Doug McDermott

The Dallas Mavericks' infamous "tank-for-Luka" season in 2017-18 was extremely forgettable at best as Dallas finished the year with a record of 24-58. It was an interesting season that featured some cool moments though despite the flood of losses, and one of the more intriguing players from the roster was Doug McDermott.

McDermott shot a career-high 49.3 percent from three during his 22 games in Dallas after he was acquired in a three-team trade by Dallas on February 8, 2018. In the same vein as Bertans, McDermott was an electrifying option as a movement shooter when he was in Dallas, but McDermott was arguably a much more effective cutter and defender compared to Bertans.

Even if McDermott isn't the best defender overall, he played his role to a tee when he was in Dallas, so it wouldn't be completely out of the realm for Dallas to trade for him ahead of this year's trade deadline, especially since he's on a $13.75 million contract.

McDermott has had some of his most productive seasons since leaving Dallas as he averaged a career-high 13.6 points per game for the Indiana Pacers in the 2020-21 season, but he's currently one of few veterans buried in the 4-23 San Antonio Spurs rotation.

McDermott could be utilized in Dallas for extra shooting assurance, but it's doubtful that he'd have an extensive role if Dallas brought him back in via trade. Given his situation in San Antonio, it's not surprising that Scotto listed McDermott as a prime trade candidate ahead of this deadline, but if Dallas can bring back assets in a trade for McDermott it might be worth a shot.