3 Disastrous events Mavericks must avoid to keep Luka Doncic happy

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Kyrie Irving
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2. The Mavericks mess up the Kyrie Irving situation

Kyrie Irving is an extremely special player on the court and showed no discontent toward Dallas after signing a three-year $126 million contract this past summer. However, one mustn't discount Irving's volatility in terms of staying with his incumbent team.

Irving can be seen promising Celtics' fans that he will likely re-sign before the start of the 2018-19 season in this clip below.

Based on what Irving has said to the media, it's the incumbent team's mistreatment of Irving in some form or fashion that has sparked his desire to ask out in the past, not Irving's greediness or desire to neglect team policy.

There's no denying Kyrie has put himself in some precarious positions with other organizations though, and that can be said objectively regardless of how good of a human or basketball player Kyrie is. With that being said, whether it's Kyrie who may experience future discontent in Dallas or the Mavericks simply don't want to put up with Irving's antics, some scenarios could present themselves that would involve Kyrie asking out before the end of his contract.

However unlikely Kyrie asking out is can be left to your own interpretation. But one thing is for certain, the Mavericks can't operate in the driver's seat in this situation. They will need to move in lockstep with Irving every step of the way if they want this pairing to work both on and off the court in Dallas.

If the Kyrie situation were to falter, who knows if the Mavericks would even be left with enough compensation coming back in a trade. Irving would be the third presumed co-star of Luka Doncic to leave Dallas since the 2021-2022 season, and Doncic certainly wouldn't be happy if the franchise screwed up the Kyrie situation with nothing to show for it.