6 Early Dallas Mavericks predictions for the 2023 trade deadline

Sacramento Kings v Dallas Mavericks
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4. The Mavs will make a trade with the Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls could look to move some of their complementary pieces this trade deadline, and the Dallas Mavericks should get involved if they can.

Although the Mavs wouldn't be a good fit for Zach LaVine, and reports have already indicated that Dallas isn't interested in a trade for LaVine, they could get involved as a third team. With LaVine's salary being so massive, a third team would help make this trade easier for all parties involved.

Some of the Chicago players that would fit well in Dallas include Alex Caruso, Patrick Williams, Andre Drummond, and Torrey Craig. Dallas needs defense badly, and each mentioned player can provide that for Dallas and more.

Dallas showed interest in Drummond this summer, but he ended up staying in Chicago. It's clear that Dwight Powell and Richaun Holmes aren't good enough backup bigs, and they need someone who can fill in when Dereck Lively II is on the bench.

Someone like Caruso or Williams would help Dallas' perimeter defense tremendously, and it seems inevitable at this point that Dallas makes a trade for a defensive-minded player at the deadline.

A trade between the Bulls and Mavs seems like the perfect opportunity for both involved parties, as Dallas could offer them young talent in exchange for an established veteran who can help them win right now.