Dallas Mavericks rookie Dereck Lively II throws hilarious jab at teammates

Chicago Bulls v Dallas Mavericks
Chicago Bulls v Dallas Mavericks / Tim Heitman/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks are off to a solid 9-5 start and have their chance to grab their tenth win of the season tonight against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Dallas is thriving behind offensive dominance from Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, but their defense has not been the best. The Mavs are falling back into the trap that plagued them last season, and they must improve on that end of the floor if they want to remain a top team in the Western Conference.

Despite Dallas' bad team defense, rookie Dereck Lively II has been one of the few bright spots on that end of the floor. He has flashed his ability to be a solid rim protector and switch in space and has been crucial for Dallas' success thus far.

Dallas Mavericks rookie Dereck Lively II throws hilarious jab at teammates

One of the biggest parts of being a rookie is the rookie duties. Rookies in the NBA are often tasked with random tasks from the veterans, and they don't have much of a choice if they want to do it or not.

They pretty much have to.

Another part of being a rookie in the NBA is getting pranked. Veterans often pull pranks on the rookies, and sometimes the pranks can get extreme.

A popular prank over the years in the NBA has been putting popcorn in the rookie's car, and pranks like that can be an absolute hassle for the rookie.

When asked about getting pranked, Lively II didn't hold back when issuing a warning to his teammates on Tidal League's most recent episode of "Sessions."

"If you prank me, you're going to open a can of worms," Lively II said. "Because I ain't gonna stop. I'm gonna take it too far."

This video was filmed before Dallas started the preseason, but Lively II seems prepared when and if a teammate tries to prank him.

For all the latest on Dereck Lively II and the Dallas Mavericks this season, stay tuned.