Mavericks' potential defensive star awaits call-up from G League

Mavericks vs. Timberwolves
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One of the more nondescript signings from the Dallas Mavericks offseason has been playing phenomenal basketball this season for the Texas Legends. That player would be Greg Brown III, the athletic forward who signed with Dallas in mid-August.

Brown III spent the NBA Summer League with the Philadelphia 76ers. And while playing for the 76ers, he demonstrated his immense defensive potential. Despite standing 6-foot-7, the athletic forward averaged 3.2 blocks per game. He ranked fourth among all Summer League players in blocks per game.

Fast forward to the regular season, and Brown III is certainly making a name for himself in the G League, playing for the Texas Legends.

Mavericks' potential defensive star awaits call-up from G League

The former Longhorn is using his elite athleticism to make a difference on offense and defense. When assessing the Mavericks' needs, his defense may be needed now more than ever.

Dallas has struggled to defend yet again this season, allowing 119.1 points per game, sitting at 24th in the association. Additionally, the Mavericks lack defensive playmakers. The Mavs are 26th in blocks per game, averaging only 4.0 per contest.

Only one Maverick averages more than a block per game, center Dereck Lively II who averages 1.1 swats per game. Inserting Brown III into the lineup would be an instant boon for shot-blocking.

Not only do the Mavericks struggle at defensive playmaking, but they also struggle to keep opponents out of the paint. Dallas allows 56.7 points in the paint per game. Without an intimidating presence on the interior, opponents tend to get easy looks inside.

Dallas ranks 30th in the league, allowing opponents to shoot an abysmal 71.8 percent from the paint. The Mavs are the only team in the NBA to allow their opponents to shoot above 70 percent from less than five feet.

Opposing guards are capable of blowing by Dallas perimeter defenders and opposing bigs are given easy baskets on the interior, time and time again.

It's imperative Dallas attempts to solve this devastating issue. The offense is one the best in the NBA, but the porous defense will hold the Mavericks back come playoff time.

Multiple solutions exist for Dallas, but calling up Brown III should be the number one priority. Brown III's offense has been better than expected in the G League, but his defense is the true missing piece to the puzzle that could give the Dallas defense a spark.