Dante Exum's road back to the NBA and his pathway to a role with Mavericks

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Dante Exum's route to carving out a role in Dallas won't be easy

Exum will need to translate his newfound consistency from the EuroLeague to the NBA level, as he was much more limited throughout his seven-year career on the Jazz and Cavaliers, where he averaged an underwhelming 5.2 points per game, 2.1 assists per game, and 1.8 rebounds per game in inconsistent minutes.

Poor decision-making and finishing in the half-court, an inability to improve his three-point shot, and injuries plagued Exum's first NBA run despite the dynamism he flashed as a former top 5 overall pick in 2014. He'll need to make a point of emphasis on improving his playmaking off the bounce still and be more aggressive on the glass, while still translating the aforementioned markers he's improved upon overseas.

Likely to have been at the forefront of Exum's signing was former Utah Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey who is now one of the newest additions to the Mavericks front office, as of this past April.

With the addition of Lindsey, the Mavs now have someone who coveted Exum when he first came into the league in Utah and someone who can give insight into how the Mavericks should best utilize Exum this upcoming season.

Exum has a lot to prove to maintain his position at the NBA level after getting tagged as an inconsistent and injury-riddled role player in the league. He's already turned 28 years old as of a couple of weeks ago, but perhaps Dennis Lindsey has found a diamond in the rough that can help the Mavericks this upcoming season as Exum is poised to translate his prowess from the EuroLeague to the NBA level.

As a versatile on and off-ball defender who can guard one through three, as well as a force with the ball in his hands in open space, Exum will need to become a complimentary piece for the Mavericks next season by improving from distance at the NBA level and becoming more consistent on his drive attempts.

If he does though, the Mavericks will have yet another 6'5 point of attack defending Australian guard to pair with Kyrie and Luka on a team that will certainly welcome aggressive defense even if the offensive side is more theoretical than proven.

The Mavericks certainly will welcome a shot at Exum panning out, given it's a very low-risk, high-reward move. This move could potentially aid in problems of one-dimensionality from role players and defensive struggles last season that the Mavericks had, but Exum's route to playing time won't be easy. The Mavericks are guard-heavy right now, and he'll certainly need to be up for the challenge of earning his minutes.

Exum will play with fellow Maverick Josh Green in the FIBA World Cup this summer for the Australian National Team.

We'll have you covered with all of the news and rumors surrounding the Dallas Mavericks this summer, so stay tuned.