Mavericks' Daniel Gafford approaching 1 of Wilt Chamberlain's unbreakable records

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The Dallas Mavericks' trade for Daniel Gafford has infused the team with needed energy in the frontcourt. He has been a boon to its defense and even earned a starting spot, and evidently, it is a move coach Jason Kidd must continue to make.

Through his 12 games in a Mavs uniform, Gafford has averaged 18.6 rebounds and 4.2 blocks per 100 possessions, underscoring his potential to be the anchor the squad needs to improve an embarrassing weakness that has plagued it this season.

However, another aspect of his game has been a bit overlooked: his efficiency. "The Landlord" has hit 19 straight field goals without a miss in his previous three appearances, putting him near Wilt Chamberlain territory.

Mavericks' Daniel Gafford approaching 1 of Wilt Chamberlain's unbreakable records

The NBA legend holds the record for consecutive shots made with 35, which is only 16 more than Gafford's streak. He achieved the feat in 1967 across four contests. Impressively, he went 18-for-18 in one of the games during that stretch.

Some people might believe that it's one of Chamberlain's unbreakable records. So, Gafford could have a lot cut out for him if he is intent on matching or eclipsing the late hoops icon's accomplishment. Still, to be mentioned in the same breath as the Hall of Famer is already an achievement in itself.

Throughout his career, Gafford has been a beacon of efficiency. 

Not once has he shot less than 68.4 percent from the field in a season. Through his first five campaigns playing for the Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards, and now the Mavericks, he has converted 70.4 percent of his field-goal attempts. That is a few points better than DeAndre Jordan's 67.4% career shooting clip, which is the all-time highest field-goal percentage among qualified players.

Furthermore, his career true shooting percentage, which takes into account free-throw shooting, of 70.4% is higher than that of career leader Rudy Gobert's.

Considering his ability to get buckets efficiently and his defensive potential, Gafford has proven that he is deserving of more minutes

Would the added playing time and responsibility affect his chances of chasing Chamberlain's record? Probably so. But for a guy who has proven to be a team player in his first dozen contests with the Mavs, running after records is perhaps the last thing on Gafford's mind.

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