11 Mavericks cult heroes everyone else should have loved

The rest of the NBA should have loved these Mavericks.
Dallas Mavericks, J.J. Barea
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7. Dorian Finney-Smith

Finney-Smith became a fan favorite through hard work. The 6’7 wing went undrafted in 2016. He improved throughout his five-year college career, but questions about his jumper kept him from being selected. Dallas quickly signed him, and Doe-Doe stuck. He won a rotation spot during training camp and just kept improving on both ends of the floor.

Finney-Smith started as a defense-first option who struggled offensively. He was not a playmaker and shot 30.3 percent from 3-point range over his first three NBA seasons combined.

The 6’7 wing kept putting in the work. He shot 37.6 percent in year four before back-to-back years connecting on more than 39 percent from long range.

It was impossible not to root for Dorian Finney-Smith. His teammates loved him, and he had a blast playing for the Mavericks. Doe-Doe was always working and his personality was infectious. He spent six and half years in Dallas before being traded to the Nets in the Kyrie Irving deal in Feb. 2023.

Finney-Smith was a success story for the Mavs development team. Rick Carlisle and his staff helped him become a plus 3-point shooter, and Jason Kidd’s group was encouraging Doe-Doe to do more with the ball in his hands. The 6’7 wing always put in the work, but the fan appreciation for his game rarely went outside of Dallas.