4 Realistic Christian Wood sign-and-trades that would benefit the Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks, Christian Wood
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2. Mavericks get starting center, Clippers add capital

The Mavs drafted Dereck Lively II, traded for Richaun Holmes, and re-signed Dwight Powell, but they have yet to solve their center issues. They entered the offseason wanting a rebounding and rim protection upgrade.

Lively II is not ready to be starting center in the NBA. He has immense potential but is years away from reaching his prime. Holmes has been up and down in recent years and was out of the Kings' rotation last season. Dallas has three options best suited as backups, so could they still trade for a starter?

Clips CWood S&T

Zubac was rumored to be available before free agency opened, and the Clippers are still in flux. James Harden wants to come to LA, which could dramatically shake up their roster. Could Dallas swoop in and grab Zubac during the shuffle.

The Clippers re-signed Mason Plumlee, and they are reportedly comfortable with him starting at the five. Could they land Christian Wood as an offensive-minded option and McGee as a third-stringer? The two second-round picks give LA more capital to make further moves.

The Dallas Mavericks land a strong starting center that will rebound and control the paint. Amir Coffey is a 6’7 wing with shooting upside. This deal gives Dallas a significant boost at the five, but they would have to convince the Clippers to take Christian Wood.