5 Christian Wood replacements for Mavericks after recent roster news

Dallas is reportedly looking to reshape their center position this offseason, and these five centers could help them do just that.

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4. Drew Eubanks

The Dallas Mavericks will supposedly be reshaping their entire center rotation, not just their starting spot, meaning they will have to target high-level backup options, too.

While Drew Eubanks isn’t quite good enough to be the starting center on a playoff team, he’s perfectly capable of giving a team quality backup minutes on a cheap contract.

With Jusuf Nurkic’s injury issues, Eubanks saw more opportunities with the Portland Trail Blazers this past season, stepping up and starting 28 games at center for them. He also appeared in 78 games, playing 20.3 minutes per contest.

He’s not going to do anything special on a nightly basis, but Eubanks consistently gets the job done, which is all a team can ask for in a backup or third-string center.

With how solid he’s played for the past two seasons in Portland, there’s a chance a team throws a mid-level exception at him, or at least a piece of one, but Eubanks seems like a player the Mavericks could get on a minimum contract.

He’s still only 26 years old, which means he still has plenty of room to improve, too, even though he wouldn’t have a huge role. With the value at which the Mavericks could get him, he would be an ideal pick-up to run some backup center minutes for Dallas.