Why a Christian Wood extension with the Dallas Mavericks is unlikely

Dallas Mavericks, Christian Wood
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Why a Christian Wood extension with the Dallas Mavericks is unlikely

The Mavs are searching for a second star to pair with Luka Doncic which makes the franchise a title contender. They know they need more talent, and the front office has to figure out a way to acquire it.

Wood is not that second star, and the team wants to keep its flexibility open on ways to acquire it and fit within the team. The 6’10 big man has struggled on the defensive end throughout his NBA career, and having two subpar defenders to start a roster build is not ideal. Giving Wood a long-term deal could dampen his trade value and lock him into their roster for years to come.

Giving C-Wood an extension has significant cap implications too. The Mavericks already have over $143 million committed in salaries for next season without paying one cent to Wood. The luxury tax is projected to be $162 million, so giving him a maximum extension puts Dallas right at that luxury tax line heading into the offseason with upgrades to be made.

The Dallas Mavericks were not willing to pay Jalen Brunson last season, so why would they give Christian Wood an extension? Wood always felt like a stopgap option until the Mavs could acquire the second star they need next to Luka Doncic. Marc Stein reported (subscription required) that an extension was unlikely, and fans should not believe anything different.

Could something change that makes an extension between the two sides happen?