Could the Dallas Mavericks capitalize on the Brooklyn Nets turmoil?

Dallas Mavericks, Kevin Durant, Luka Doncic
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The Dallas Mavericks dominated Game 5 of their round playoff series against the Utah Jazz to take a 3-2 edge and put them one win away from advancing to the second round for the first time since 2011. On the same night, the preseason title favorites, Brooklyn Nets, were eliminated in a four-game sweep at the hands of the Boston Celtics. It was a wild season in Brooklyn that never saw them live up to their potential or get fully healthy. The Nets were the only team swept in the opening round.

The Nets are likely to shake things up in the offseason after falling so short of their expectations. Kyrie Irving has a player option for next season, which he is likely to decline, but he appears entrenched with the Nets. Kevin Durant is signed through 2026. Brooklyn’s two stars are here to stay, but they could change things up around them.

There have been whispers already about the job security of head coach Steve Nash, and the team is searching for how to get Ben Simmons back on the floor. Will they fire Nash and deal Simmons? What other pieces could move? How could the Mavericks capitalize on the Nets’ turmoil?

Could the Dallas Mavericks take advantage of the Brooklyn Nets turmoil?

Steve Nash and Ben Simmons are the two most talked-about pieces in Brooklyn, but both are likely to stay. Kevin Durant has a say in all basketball decisions with the Nets, and he was a key figure in Nash being hired as head coach. The two have a close relationship, and the Hall of Fame point guard never got a chance to coach Brooklyn’s full roster this season.

Simmons has not played since June 2021, and there are clearly some mental hurdles he must overcome to return to action. His trade value has never been lower, and the Nets want to contend for the championship next season, so they have no reason to sell low. How could Brooklyn change things this offseason?