Can the Dallas Mavericks acquire Deandre Ayton this offseason?

Dallas Mavericks, Deandre Ayton
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Would the Suns accept the Dallas Mavericks' offer for Deandre Ayton?

The Mavs can put together a compelling package, but would it be the best one available? The Timberwolves gave up four first-round draft picks and Walker Kessler for Rudy Gobert last summer. It only takes one team to make a massive offer that changes the market. Ayton is only 24 years old and still improving. Expect the price to acquire him to be significant.

If the Mavericks offered the tenth pick, Josh Green, Maxi Kleber, and Tim Hardaway Jr., the Suns could likely find a better offer. Dallas cannot afford to throw in a second first-round pick, or they will be unable to make other moves. The Suns want win-now pieces, so perhaps two wings and a key defensive big man would be enough over multiple draft picks.

The team’s rivalry likely plays a factor here too. The Suns will not be eager to let the Dallas Mavericks improve their roster. Remember, Dallas eliminated the top-seeded Suns in the second round of the playoffs in 2022 in a Game 7 massacre that still has Phoenix in its feelings. That will certainly factor into the price if Dallas acquires Deandre Ayton.

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