Can the Dallas Mavericks acquire Deandre Ayton this offseason?

Dallas Mavericks, Deandre Ayton
Dallas Mavericks, Deandre Ayton / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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What could Dallas Mavericks offer in a trade for Deandre Ayton?

The Suns pulled off a blockbuster for Kevin Durant just days after Dallas acquired Kyrie Irving. It cost them four first-round picks and three wings. The deal crushed the Suns' depth but gave them arguably the best top-four in the league. Expect the Suns to be focused on building their depth and improving on the wing this summer.

The first ask would naturally be Kyrie Irving, but Kevin Durant’s recent comments may take that off the board. Durant and Irving were teammates in Brooklyn, and things did not work out. Would they be interested in teaming back up in Phoenix?

If not, the Mavericks' best offer shifts to Tim Hardaway Jr. and Josh Green. Dallas would have to add another contract if they re-sign Kyrie. The Suns would likely ask for Maxi Kleber to make things work. It would also likely cost the Mavs both of their available first-round picks unless Dallas moves up into the top four in the draft lottery.

Acquiring Deandre Ayton would force the Dallas Mavericks to push most of their chips into the middle. It would also further impact their wing depth, which the franchise desperately needs to build this summer. Would Phoenix even accept that offer?